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100 Days Until Penn State Sports Business Conference Year 6

Write up courtesy of Katelyn Lenz

It is finally here— the official 100 countdown for the Penn State Sports Business Conference Year 6. The upcoming event is on Thursday, March 23 and 24 sponsored by Morgan Stanley Global Sports and Entertainment.

The student planning team of 2023 is lead by President Colin Holcombe and Vice President Noah Odige. The Penn State Sports Business Conference student planning team consists of: Marketing, Events, Speaker Outreach, Sales and Sponsorship, and Content.

Reflecting on our past years, the PSSBC is striving to grow and achieve more than ever before. Currently, one aspect that has been a main priority is to promote the conference to reach new audiences at Penn State. This is executed through new content ideas from the marketing team such as creating a Tik Tok and posting blog articles again.

A few of our new content posts the PSSBC has started to implement into our brand is man on the street and question of the week which both give insight to the student planning team while spreading the word about the conference. Man on the street is a concept which part of the marketing team goes onto campus to ask questions from Penn State students while also informing them about the Penn State Sports Business Conference. For question of the week, a tripod is set up by the door during our weekly Monday night meetings, where each planning member has to spontaneously answer the question as they walk in.

The PSBBC podcast, "The Huddle," with hosts Destiny Sanchez and Noah Odige is ongoing this year for season two and already has featured impressive guests this season so far. There are currently four episodes uploaded to Apple podcasts with Penn State Gymnast, Michael Jaroh; Penn State Wrestler, Content Creator Brad Kraut; and Penn State Wrestler, Beau Bartlett.

Listen to "The Huddle" podcast here:

Within the next 100 days till the Penn State Business Conference, the upcoming keynote speakers and ticket sale details will be released as well as more content. To stay updated on the PSSBC6, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tik Tok!

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