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Interview with President Colin Holcombe

Penn State Sports Business Conference President, Colin Holcombe is beyond excited for what is to come in the near future. Holcombe, 21, will be receiving his bachelor’s degree in supply chain management next May. This is Holcombe’s third year as a member of the organization, and his first year as President.

Holcombe has strong connections to Penn State University as he is a part of the third generation in his family to attend the school. He resides in Danville, Pennsylvania, a small town just over an hour away from campus.

First starting off as the Event Coordinator in 2021, Holcombe's first conference was entirely virtual. Although the production wasn’t nearly as large scale, the valuable lessons and experience gained led Holcombe to continuously seek improvement for both this year’s and next year’s conference. Earlier this year, Holcombe was Head of Events, which increased his responsibilities, but now as President, he has even more work to do.

“Our goal this year was to step it up a level, and I think we’re doing that,” Holcombe said.

Although Holcombe described the process as difficult, he found the process of building a team and a plan to be especially rewarding. After this year’s conference ended, he was proud of how close everyone on the team became, and of his own work ethic. Once the Spring semester starts, the organization becomes more time-demanding, Holcombe noted.

Another important takeaway for Holcombe was his heightened skillset of leadership and personal branding. Learning how to conduct business with other students, and professionals within the industry helped Holcombe expand his skillsets. He also realized the importance of good communication, and without it can lead to stress and other problems.

This year, expectations for the team and conference as a whole are at a new high. Holcombe cannot wait for the announcement of new speakers, a new venue surprise, and everything else in store. He personally recommends attending the conference, regardless of what one is studying.

“Even if you don’t work in sports, you should still come. We have so many different opportunities from a career standpoint, where you can learn a lot from people you weren’t initially suspected to learn anything from,” Holcombe said.

He can recall plenty of individuals that he has networked with either being professors at the university or important business figures that he never would have met without attending the conference himself. He also has seen several people secure internships because of the connections they were able to make there.

Aside from his work at the Penn State Sports Business Conference, he is an active member of the Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity. He also has a job secured at Lockheed Martin as a supply chain integrator in the aeronautics division and is to start after he graduates.

Throughout his tenure, Holcombe has demonstrated core values of dedication to the organization, and the conference would not be the same without him.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Penn State Sports Business Conference as big news is coming soon!

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