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The Huddle Recap: Episode 3 - Brad Kraut

On the latest episode of “The Huddle” hosts Destiny Sanchez and Noah Odige interviewed Brad Kraut, a Penn State social media guru who has amassed a large online following in recent times.

Kraut, a Senior studying advertising and public relations currently has over 27 thousand Instagram followers. On his largest platform, TikTok, he has accumulated over 564 thousand followers and 19.5 million likes throughout all of his videos combined. Pumping out several videos a day, plus posts on his other social media accounts, he is always active.

The self-proclaimed “academic weapon” now centers his content around motivating people, whether that be in school, fitness, or life in general. His catchphrases such as “Kick the sheets, win the day,” have spawned merchandise and internet memes. He also has taken other ventures like working with Limitless NIL, Jerpa Jeans, and more.

Needless to say, Kraut has grown as an individual and a content creator, and as he is expected to graduate, he will expand even further into the media landscape.

An Interview with Brad Kraut (0:22)

Brad Kraut is Brad Kraut. He emulates the same personality online that he presents in real life. He might argue that his energy is even greater in person. Kraut gets many of these characteristics from his parents, and claims that he has always been this go-getting person. Ever since he arrived at Penn State he wanted to make the most out of his experience, going out of his way to involve himself in business opportunities. As early as his Freshman year, he honed in on key marketing skills which he would use to promote Austin Thomas’ brand, Jerpa. Because of the Jerpa connection, he was able to find his way working for Cuts, another clothing company. Kraut also was a cheerleader last year, and with his eccentric personality and athletic build, it is clear to see why.

A Change in Perspective (8:10)

Kraut has found his biggest success in recent time. After Jerpa’s Thomas shared with him a book, “The 5 a.m. Club,” by Robin Sharma, something in him clicked. Although Kraut didn’t read the book himself, he still took away an important message. He decided to wake up at 5 a.m., and it resulted in the “most productive” day of his life. He soon became addicted, and decided to share this revelation with the world. He realizes the importance of going to college, and urges others to make the most of it. “Show up, show that you care, build relationships with people, start networking, put yourself out there and ultimately it’s going to be the real life experiences in your high school, college career, that is what is going to get you to where you want to be,” said Kraut.

How Networking is so Important (15:13)

Kraut found that one connection leads to another, and just one connection can change everything for a person. He has been given several opportunities because he talked to people, going out of his way for them to know his name. Despite their status, he believes, there is no shame in introducing yourself. Some of his recent experiences include a flight to Los Angeles for some Cuts work, and discussions with House of Highlights. It is even possible to network while tailgating, you never stop promoting yourself and your personal brand.

A Big Takeaway from Brad (23:37)

Something valuable to Kraut is ambition. He doesn’t want people to think that life is that deep. He understands that he is very fortunate, and is grateful for everyone who has supported him. He gets frustrated sometimes, but he remembers why he is grinding so hard in the first place, and it does the trick. Although the classroom is important, it is what you do outside of it that makes the difference. “It’s not about the grades you make, it’s about the hands you shake,” said Kraut.

Brad’s Expansion on Social Media (31:22)

Kraut has been active on social media since high school. He started a fitness account with his friend and showed results over time. He found it neat how is page shows some of his best memories. Now that his time at Penn State is almost up, he has some key decisions to make. It seems like Kraut is going with his gut. “Bet on yourself, a lot of people will not believe in you, they will not believe bet on you, but it's up to you and only you to believe in yourself and go all in with it,” said Kraut.

Putting Yourself Out There (38:21)

Although he has experienced plenty of success, Kraut has also had some haters. However, he is grateful for them as he knows he must be doing something right. Kraut knows that it might be difficult to put oneself out there, but it has to happen for success. He has tunnel vision, and only has his eyes set out on growing even bigger.

“I’m trying to build an empire, I’m trying to change society and the way people have an outlook on life as a whole.” - Brad Kraut via The Huddle.

Listen to the full episode here:

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