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The Huddle Recap: Episode 4- Beau Bartlett

Write up courtesy of Katelyn Lenz

On the latest episode of “The Huddle” hosts Destiny Sanchez and Noah Odige interviewed Penn State Wrestler Beau Bartlett.

Beau is a junior from Tempe, Ariz. who has been awarded one of the All-Academic Team of and Academic All Big Ten Honors both in 2022. He also has gained a massive social media following with over 66 thousand on Tik Tok and over 88 thousand followers on Instagram.

An Interview with Beau Bartlett (0:18)

Bartlett is a huge believer in balance which means for him with wrestling to work hard, recover hard, work efficiently, and rest. Outside of an athlete zone, he loves watching anime, working on graphic design, flips, yoga, and hanging out with friends. He recently started watching Jujutsu Kaisen but has watched every mainstream anime show from Narco to Hunter x Hunter.

Growing up around wrestling (2:30)

Bartlett grew up around wrestling his whole life as his dad used to wrestle in college and internationally. He used to say he did wrestling with no rhythm or reason and became good at it due to his coaches and environment. Now being in college, he did not easily succeed in the ways he wanted to, which made him work harder. This made him realize how much he actually loves wrestling and everything that comes with it.

Role in the Team and Wrestling in the BJC (5:00)

As there are many NCAA champs on the Penn State wrestling team, Bartlett describes himself as leading the younger guys by example and hope to be in a leadership position with a title next year. Bartlett moves on to discuss the energy difference wrestling in Rec Hall to Bryce Jordan Center, where Iowa and Michigan matches will be held this year. He says Rec Hall, their usual venue, is more intimate but the Bryce Jordan Center is huge and the energy creates a crazy atmosphere.

Building His Brand with NIL (10:00)

Bartlett simply loves showing his personality through the camera. He explains the stigma about joining an athletic team and becoming a robot by doing the same thing all the time. With social media, he can show more about himself and loves the sense of connection to his followers. Working with NIL has given him the chance to show his personality to people and help build his brand which he is not sure which direction to go with yet.

Balance with Beau Bartlett (16:00)

Bartlett goes into deeper conversation about his idea of balance and how an equal amount of energy into everything is a good first step. For school, turning in everything on time and going to class everyday, it is hard to do poorly. Even if there is a hard class, there's an amazing support system at Penn State to go get the help you need. With wrestling, he got rid of expectations dealing with comparisons to another wrestler or coach because it created a lot of bottled up emotions. Now, he truly loves to learn and enjoys all the emotions in wrestling from all the struggles to lifting or late night wrestling.

“The main key for me with finding balance is knowing putting too much time into one thing, something is going to have to suffer.” -Beau Bartlett via The Huddle.

Listen to the full interview here:


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