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The Huddle Recap: Episode 5— Sean Clifford

Write up courtesy of Katelyn Lenz

This episode of "The Huddle" with hosts Destiney Sanchez Noah Odige interviewed the quarterback for Penn State football, Sean Clifford.

Clifford is the CEO and founder of Limitless NIL, an Athlete agency that was made for players and founded by the players. While at Penn State, he has earned a degree in public relations, broadcasting, and minor in psychology.

An Interview with Sean Clifford (0:41)

Besides football, Clifford refers to himself as the most average joe guy you'll ever meet. When it comes down to it, he describes his life as family, friends, and football. "Life is about new experiences and being around the people that you love."

Preparing for the Rose Bowl (1:45)

Clifford goes into detail about shift after Penn State regular football season ending and preparing for Utah University in the Rose Bowl. He says the first week is recognizing their strengths and weaknesses to work on for the month. Altogether, it has been a big refocus for the past two weeks while introducing Utah football. Clifford says for the bowl game, it gives the team a month to understand Utah's defense and how they function compared to a one-week period before a normal game.

Full Circle (4:20)

Clifford reflects on his upcoming last game playing for Penn State in Pasadena, Calif. as he once played football camp in the same location when he was younger. He looks back on his dreams and aspirations at that age to reach college sports to now where he is so blessed and grateful for what a fantastic opportunity this is for him and the Penn State football team.

Sean and Liam (5:50)

The brotherly four year age gap dynamic between Sean and Liam played out to now being each others best friend. They grew close as Sean finished up high school and felt it was bad timing because they wanted to be together more. Sean says that realistically, Liam did not want to come to Penn State because he did not want to follow in Sean's footsteps but once he was here, he understood why Sean fell in love with Penn State. Sean says not many people get to play at this level and very rarely a brother duo to play at the same school at the same time. Especially, a wide receiver and quarterback combination which is special to him.

Sean Clifford's Legacy (10:00)

Looking back on memories about Clifford's career, he says it is not about the yards or touchdowns but the experiences with the guys around in the locker room. The moments after a big win and going out to celebrate are types of things that made the Penn State experience so special for Clifford. When it comes to his legacy, he wanted to leave a place better than how he found it and Clifford truly says he has no regrets on what he did he because he gave it his all. He always has a plan walking into the facility and wanted to impact someone other than himself. The overall legacy he wants to leave is the consistency, no regrets, and being able to say he did not leave any stone unturned during his time at Penn State.

Motivational Advice (17:30)

For Clifford, what helped him the most through ruts is reflecting on who he was. He says how difficult some times were, especially during COVID-19, they grew him as a person. Clifford says his honest advice is if you are not doing something you are passionate about, you're not going to enjoy the ride because the tough trial times are what makes it fun. He found his passions through the trials which was entrepreneurship, football, and business that he's been doing along the ride and getting rid of the excess weight. "People think you have to do everything. You don't need to do everything, you have to do what you love," Clifford says.

"The amount of memories I've had there, both good and bad, the cheers, the boos, everything in between. Realistically, I love that place like it's my second home and I get chills even just walking into the empty stadium because I know what we've done there, what I've accomplished and what my team has accomplished" - Sean Clifford via the Huddle.

Listen to the full podcast here:

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