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The Huddle Recap: Episode 6— Adam Breneman

Write up courtesy of Caelan Chevrier

On the latest episode of “The Huddle” hosts Destiny Sanchez and Noah Odige interviewed Adam Breneman, a college football analyst, former player, and coach. Breneman joined the Nittany Lion Football Team back in 2012 when he committed as a four-star tight end. As a true freshman, he caught 15 passes and scored three touchdowns. However, his career with Penn State ended shortly with a knee injury that kept him sidelined. Breneman then transferred to the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he played two full seasons. He then retired from playing football in 2018 due to injuries.

Since then, Breneman has divided his time into multiple ventures ranging from podcasting, commentating, and even a brief stint in politics. He served as a campaign manager twice for two local elections with both candidates ultimately winning their races. Breneman had his own show about the Nittany Lions on and commentated on both high school and college football games. He created “The Adam Breneman Show” in 2019 and interviews college and professional athletes.

Starting in 2020, he began his coaching career at Arizona State University working as an Offensive Assistant Coach, and then a year later the Tight Ends Coach as the youngest position coach in Power Five football at the time of hiring. He has since then resigned and has continued his various media projects and startups.

Needless to say, Adam Breneman is a man of many trades. Overcoming many challenges, he has begun to make a name for himself in the industry. The Penn State Sports Business Conference is grateful to have him on “The Huddle.”

An Interview with Adam Breneman (0:25)

Breneman reflects on who he was and how he has grown into the person he is now. Right now, he is a young professional who is trying to make a name for himself. At first, he had dreams of making it to the NFL, but they were crushed after injuries put an end to the idea. He had a bad relationship with time, seeing others around him find early success, leaving him wanting more. After having more ups and downs, he is happy with the direction that life ultimately took him. He feels younger than ever and ready to embrace the opportunities that come his way.

Breneman’s Time at Penn State (4:07)

Breneman entered the program at a difficult time with scandals surrounding the school. At the time, it was unsure if Penn State Football would survive based on the NCAA's sanctions. Yet, Breneman helped overcome the doubt by holding the university together with his hard work and dedication. He claims that playing for PSU is something that he is most proud of, and years later he still gets recognition. Breneman says that he has been sent mail and messages online thanking him for all that he did. While at University Park, he will be approached with nothing but love from the community.

Mentorship (8:19)

Breneman speaks about how he has taken on a role as a mentor to others in recent years. He feels like he is fit for the job because of the experience he accumulated throughout his entire life. He knows what the high school recruiting process is like, how it is to go through the transfer portal, how to get NIL deals, etc. Breneman is receptive to any type of question and is grateful that his followers trust him for advice.

Ventures in Media (11:27)

Breneman mentions that after he retired from football, he did not know what he wanted to do for a career. He met up with James Franklin who gave him solid advice that changed his perspective. Breneman realized that he could become a content creator and utilize different platforms to communicate about his favorite thing, college football. From there he started his podcast, started broadcasting games, and used social media to tell his story. His content online grew traction, and he was contacted by larger media companies to collaborate.

A New Perspective (15:54)

Breneman discusses his position as VP of NIL & Media of Mercury, a company that partners with schools to create NIL deals with athletes. He realizes that the media can influence student-athletes in recruiting and creating content with Mercury can help sway them. Breneman explains that he wants to explore the “human” side of sports and allow people to tell their stories the way that they want to.

Future Aspirations (24:49)

When asked about his plans for the future, Breneman is pretty set on what he wants to do. He wants to continue to grow Mercury by partnering with more schools and athletes. He wants it to become THE media company in college sports. He also wants to broadcast bigger games in college football and continue podcasting. He feels that he has improved his commentating skills and that he is ready for the challenge.

Networking (29:18)

Breneman believes that there is invaluable experience from networking and making connections. He is excited to be speaking at a panel of this year’s sports business conference. He loves getting to know new people and learning from their experiences.

“Life’s all about people, every single business, every endeavor you’ll ever do will always go back to people. It’s all about relationships” – Adam Breneman via The Huddle.

Listen to the full podcast here:

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